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Trailblazers Among Us: Portia Janee's Empowering Journey

In the vibrant world of beauty, style, and travel, Portia Janee stands as a multifaceted entrepreneur, weaving her magic through three distinct businesses: Painted By Portia (makeup artist), Styled By Portia Janee (wardrobe stylist), and EverlastingJourney Travel (travel agent). As we celebrate Women's History Month, Portia's story unfolds like a captivating chapter in a magazine article, filled with passion, perseverance, and the triumph of a devoted mother and thriving businesswoman.

Portia's odyssey begins with Painted By Portia, a manifestation of her passion for makeup artistry. The canvas of her life, once adorned with the hues of personal exploration, now unfolds to reveal a business inspired by a desire for flexibility and creativity. Motherhood becomes the catalyst, steering her towards the world of makeup, where every stroke is a testament to her artistic finesse.

Styled By Portia Janee steps into the limelight, fueled by Portia's love for distinctive styles witnessed in the captivating allure of fashion shows. Here, her hands craft unique looks, weaving together fabrics and trends to create an artistic expression that mirrors her fervor for individuality.

EverlastingJourney Travel, the third act in Portia's entrepreneurial repertoire, is born from her love for traversing the globe. With an infectious passion for exploration, she aspires to share the joyous experiences of travel, making her clients' journeys as timeless as the destinations themselves.

However, every journey comes with its challenges. Portia gracefully navigates the intricate dance of time management, a crucial element in her makeup artistry, where weddings hinge on the makeup artist's precision. Juggling clients, maintaining work/life balance, and ensuring family time demand strategic spacing and a commitment to both professional and personal spheres.

What sets Portia apart is her keen sense of marketing, a skill she has meticulously honed to carve a distinctive niche in the competitive world of beauty and style. Her triumphs, marked by titles such as Best Makeup Artist from the National Association of Catering and Events 2020-2022 and Best Wardrobe Stylist 2023, stand as testaments to her unwavering dedication.

Guiding aspiring entrepreneurs, Portia's advice echoes with wisdom gained from her entrepreneurial journey. Take classes, seek mentors, embrace constructive criticism, and, above all, chase dreams, not money.

In the delicate balance between career and family, Portia ensures she takes a weekend off each month, dedicating it to the cherished moments with her loved ones. Amidst the hustle, she embodies the essence of a devoted mother.

Acknowledging those who inspire her, Portia pays tribute to notable figures in the industry – Deidra Mills, Che Watts, Kilprity, TLCDivo, J.Bolin, Daniel Hawkins, Alecia Danielle, Courtney Jones, and Tasha Todd.

For Portia, women bring a unique set of strengths to the business landscape – organization, customer service skills, creativity, and strategic prowess. In overcoming setbacks, she exemplifies resilience, refocusing, and creatively pivoting to turn challenges into opportunities.

A proud moment came when Portia gained approval as a seller on TikTok shop, marking a significant leap in her business. Creating a welcoming and safe space, she actively supports fellow makeup artists and travel agents, providing opportunities for women through her annual fashion show.

As the chapters of Portia's story unfold, her narrative becomes an inspiring tale of authenticity, humility, and a perpetual quest for knowledge. With every stroke of makeup and every style curated, Portia Janee leaves an indelible mark, encouraging others to embrace their unique journey. 

Connect with Portia Janee at or through email at

Instagram: @portiajanee

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Ms. K.
Ms. K.
Mar 25

Wowwww! I love this! Each week the inspiration is amazing!

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