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Surviving COVID-19 as an Entrepreneur


Being an entrepreneur comes with it highs and lows. Honestly, when you think about it. Your success is not predicated on how high your highs are, but how you maintain. Take the most obvious example COVID-19. Due to COVID and the changes that have come with it. Some of our largest and most well-known retailers, restaurants, and service providers drowned. From the outside, we are wondering why and how could this have happened to them? They have been in business for so many years! Well the short answer is management, planning, flexibility, and adaptability. You have to be able to quickly and efficiently make decisions and changes based on the world around you. As a small business owner with multiple businesses, I was able to survive COVID. When I decided to close my daycare it was for personal reasons not lack of business by any means. I was able to quickly change protocols and procedures that were feasible for both parents, myself, and the children. I was able to maintain the number of children I needed to sustain a steady income and provide them with the service they needed and deserved. How? Because I had a plan for my business, I am flexible, I am adaptable, and manage my business like I manage my life, with care. Thankfully I am what some call a serial entrepreneur and therefore I was able to close my daycare without incident and still have steady income while still working from home. B&H survived and even grew during COVID. Again, because we were able to quickly adapt and become 100% virtual. I find true joy in helping others fulfill their dreams of becoming business owners and nonprofit founders, as well as teaching them how to maintain and grow. If you have this dream or desire. Let us help you make that dream come true today. Schedule a consultation at

If you would like to do what I do and become a nonprofit and small business consultant making 6 figures working from home click here to become apart of our Facebook community, Lifetime Mentorship, and Make Your Dreams A Reality.

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