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Did You Know?

Did you know we are your One Stop Shop for all things Nonprofit? You didn't?

Well let me tell you. Not only can we provide you with a very informative and inexpensive eBook or Paperback book 'Beginner's Guide to Establishing a Nonprofit' available on Amazon. Shameless Plug right, click here if you would to purchase a copy. But we also offer a complete package of formation services.

Formation Services? Yep. State Registration, EIN, Board of Directors, Business Plan, Document Creation, Tax Exemption, and Charitable Organization Registration. We do it all.

However, we do not stop there. One of the most important aspects of running a nonprofit is maintaining the nonprofit by staying in compliance. Depending on the state, the organization is required to file an Annual Renewal Registration. All organizations with the exception of churches are required to file form 990. Going 3 consecutive years without filing form 990 results in Automatic Revocation of the Tax Exempt status. Lucky you, you found us. We are trained and experienced in filing the ever so important 990. Whether it's the 990n, 990ez, 990pf, 990, or 990t we have you covered. What's the difference in all of these? The form that is required depends on the organizations annual gross receipts. We help there also, feel free to sign up for our bookkeeping service or keep us on retainer, click here.

Well, I think I've taken up enough of your time for now. Feel free to schedule a consultation or book our tax filing service, click here to get started.

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